The driving force behind my design and creativity is passion and a personal devotion for a continuous drive forward. Years of experience of design, both technical outerwear but also streetwear -and fashion apparel, have given me a unique position. I know what needs to be done, starting from an idea/sketch to a finished product.

It has never been doubtful what I would like to accomplish. I will always work with new and high quality fabrics, intelligent function and constructions as well as up to date design. My genuine interest in clothing even beside the mountain was one of the fundamental reasons why I started to work with design.

My philosophy is: even if the clothes are made out of the best and most technical fabrics, you will never feel good wearing them if you don’t think they look good. That’s why I put a great deal of energy and focus on design.

Years of experience has given me exceptional knowledge how a sketch becomes a finished product. I have worked with licenses fabrics, technical fabrics, local fabrics, various compositions of different fibers to more classic fabrics and compositions such as wool and cotton. I know how different fabrics work in the best possible way.

I love the work of art, graphic design and illustrations and can provide you and your company with graphic designs from basic artworks such as logotypes, illustrations to more complex works such as web design, catalogues and folders.

I am impassioned about what I do and can a sure you that I will deliver.